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Bogart's secretary had not heard from me for several weeks because I was very busy, helping with the new arrival to our family. I was nineteen when my mother had a baby girl - for the first time in my life I had a sister - I was overjoyed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Visit to Warner Bros.

On Sept 30th, 2002, I had the good fortune of taking the VIP Tour at Warner Bros Studios. What a wonderful experience, walking around the sound stages where many of Bogart's best films were made. The tour takes two hours, just 12 people on each tour, and no children allowed. Most interesting of all was the Museum. Although there were many exhibits, I only had eyes for the "CASABLANCA" display. It has the most prominent position, right in the center of the first floor. "Sam's Piano" is not full size, known as a "Cafe Piano", about three quarters the size of a normal instrument. Our guide showed me the initials "FNP" stamped on the back. This indicates it was the property of "First National Pictures" before Warner Bros took over that studio. This piano is a peach color. Of course the music "As time goes by" is on the music stand, plus the baton used by Max Steiner who composed and conducted the music for the film. Mannequins displayed the suit worn by Bogie in the Paris flashbacks, where Rick and Ilsa are taking a cruise down the River Seine. Also the outfit worn by Ingrid Bergman, when she goes to Rick's office to try and get the Letters of Transit, it's a yellow and brown paisley blouse, red cumberband, and black silk skirt, and finally, the cream silk suit that Victor Lazlo wears all through the movie. If you have seen the colorized version of Casablanca, you can picture what these clothes really look like. Also there is a cocktail table, lamp and a chair from Ilsa and Victor's hotel room. A lot of documents reflect frantic exchanges between Jack Warner and Hal Wallis, some of them in the form of telegrams. The passport for Ilsa Lund, which is mis-spelled "Elsa". The final script is opened at the last page. It is not written anywhere that Rick would say at the end of the film, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship", this last line was added by a verbal agreement only. The only other Bogart item in the museum is a statue of the "Maltese Falcon" which is displayed under glass, mounted on the wall. It states that the Prop department made two falcons. Bogart dropped one during the shooting of the film, and this is the one on display, because all the tail feathers are bent. I hope to take this tour again, there was so much to see and I could not absorb it all in just one visit. Thanks for reading my memories of this interesting day.

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Magazine Covers

These are a couple of old magazine covers and photos from my scrapbooks.


Above is another letter from Kathy Sloan from March, 1947.

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Malabar Farm

After reading my web site, Shawn Wells of "The Old Time Radio Shop" sent me a very interesting email. He lives in Mansfield, Ohio, which we all know was the setting for Bogie and Bacall's wedding. Shawn kindly offered to go to "Malabar Farm" and take lots of photos , both inside and out. There were 37 photos on a disc. What a treasure. My favorite is of the wedding photos in a 3 frame stand. I hope everyone likes my choice. Thanks Shawn for your fine contribution. You are indeed a true fan.

Film Posters

These are some of my favorite Bogie posters I've seen in auctions over the years.

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Kathy Sloan - Bogart's Secretary

Everytime Kathy Sloan (Bogart's secretary ) would write to me with matters concerning the English Fan Club, she would enclose a really personal photo of Bogie, either taken in their home or garden. She always made little notations on the back of each one. I never met her, but she seemed like a very nice lady, and told me about her young son. He was about 11 when we first started corresponding. In Lauren Bacall's book "By Myself ", she mentions that after Bogart died, nearly all of his clothes were given to Kathie Sloan's son. Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at these treasured photos.


This is a sample of my Bogart book collection. In my opinion the best one was Bogart by Sperber and Lax, published in 1997. It has over 600 pages, but contains a great deal of fresh information that I have not found in any of my other books.